Server Side Pagination Using NodeJS, MongoDB and Angular Material Tables

Normally, we use Angular Material's data tables with pagination (mat-paginator) to list the results. This is not an efficient and optimal approach particularly if there are lots of records to show in the table. Angular Material's pagination just divides the received records into the paginated records. So, if we need to display lots of records in data tables, then the efficient and optimal approach is to use Server Side Pagination. Following, sections will demonstrate the server-side pagination using NodeJS (API), MongoDB (database), and Angular Material data tables. API using NodeJS and MongoDB Following is a sample code, written in NodeJS...
#03 Components - Learn Angular 9 From Scratch with Junaid Hassan
#03 – Components – Learn Angular 9 From Scratch with Junaid Hassan

In this post, we will learn about components and how to create new components in an Angular 9 application using Angular CLI. We will create the required components for our application and will show how components can be used to organize the content of the application.