What Are WordPress Blocks - An Introduction
What Are WordPress Blocks – An Introduction

WordPress blocks are a new way to create and organize content in WordPress editor (i.e. Gutenberg Block Editor or Block Editor) introduced in the version 5.0 of the WordPress. Now every element like paragraph, heading, quote, code etc. is a WordPress block with customization options which allows the user to have more control over the design and presentation of the content.

Blocks treat Paragraphs, Headings, Media, and Embeds all as components that, when strung together, make up the content stored in the WordPress database, replacing the traditional concept of freeform text with embedded media and shortcodes. The new editor is designed with progressive enhancement, meaning that it is back-compatible with all legacy content, and it also offers a process to try to convert and split a Classic block into equivalent blocks using client-side parsing. Finally, the blocks offer enhanced editing and format controls.


Features of WordPress Blocks:

  • Allow user to focus on creating the content without worrying about the underlying technicalities
  • The appearance of the content added via blocks can be customized using the block settings/ options
  • The blocks can be dragged and dropped to adjust the position in page layouts
  • The blocks can be duplicated, made reusable and grouped
  • The blocks can be transformed to other supported block types
  • Custom blocks can be added using the Block API
  • The behavior/appearance of existing blocks can be modified as well

List of Default WordPress Blocks (66):

Common – WordPress Blocks:

  1. Paragraph
  2. Heading
  3. List
  4. Quote
  5. Image
  6. Gallery
  7. Audio
  8. Cover
  9. File
  10. Video

Formatting – WordPress Blocks:

  1. Code
  2. Table
  3. Classic
  4. Custom HTML Code
  5. Preformatted
  6. Pull-quote
  7. Verse

Layout Elements – WordPress Blocks:

  1. Button
  2. Columns
  3. Group
  4. Media & Text
  5. More
  6. Page Break
  7. Separator
  8. Spacer

Widgets – WordPress Blocks:

  1. Shortcode
  2. Archives
  3. Calendar
  4. Categories
  5. Latest Comments
  6. Latest Posts
  7. RSS
  8. Search
  9. Tag Cloud

Embeds – WordPress Blocks

  1. Embed
  2. WordPress
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Facebook
  6. Instagram
  7. SoundCloud
  8. Spotify
  9. Flicker
  10. Vimeo
  11. Animoto
  12. Cloudup
  13. Crowdsignal
  14. Dailymotion
  15. Hulu
  16. Imgur
  17. Issuu
  18. Kickstarter
  19. Meetup.com
  20. Mixcloud
  21. Reddit
  22. Reverbnation
  23. Screencast
  24. Scribd
  25. Slideshare
  26. Smugmug
  27. Speaker deck
  28. TED
  29. Tumbler
  30. VideoPress
  31. WordPress.tv
  32. Amazon Kindle


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