What Are Block Controls and Attributes – Gutenberg Block Development

In previous post, we have learned how to devlelop a custom Gutenberg block using ES5 syntax. We have developed a custom Gutenberg block which adds colored lines in Post/Page content. That block is not customize-able yet. In this tutorial we will learn how to change the appearance of the colored lines using block controls and attributes.

Develop Custom Gutenberg Block Using ES5 Syntax - WordPress Blocks
Develop Custom Gutenberg Block Using ES5 Syntax – WordPress Blocks

WordPress released a new post/page editor (Gutenberg Editor) in version 5.0 which improves the post/page development. The editor consists of some built-in blocks which can be used to add different type of content in post/page. In this post we will discuss how to develop custom Gutenberg block using ES5 syntax.

How To Develop Hello World WordPress Block
How To Develop Hello World WordPress Block – ESNext and JSX Syntax

WordPress blocks are a new way to add content inside WordPress Post/Page editor. To know more about WordPress blocks visit our blog post titled “What Are WordPress Blocks – An Introduction”. In this blog post we will learn how to develop Hello World WordPress block. This block, when added in Post/Page editor will simply display a message “Hello World”.


JavaScript Build Setup For Development of WordPress Blocks – NodeJS

JavaScript build setup helps to speed-up the development of WordPress blocks and creates the two main files i.e. build/index.js and build/index.asset.php which are used while developing the actual WordPress block inside plugin or functions.php of WordPress installation. The index.js file contain the compiled code (from ESNext and JSX syntaxt to plain JavaScript) for the actual WordPress block and index.asset.php file contains the dependencies and version information (generated from the used packages) to be injected while registering the WordPress block.


Interesting Stats about Pakistan IT Industry

In financial year 2018, the total IT exports reached approx $1.06BTotal population of Pakistan as of Feb, 2020 is approximately 207 MillionTotal mobile phone subscribers are approx 143 MillionTotal Internet Users are approx 35 MillionTotal IT graduates passing out every year are more than 23,000Total IT companies are approx 7000Pakistan was ranked at number four (4) for freelance development in the world 60% population is in between the 15-29 age group References: https://countrymeters.info/en/Pakistan https://www.pasha.org.pk/knowledge-center/industry-stats/ https://moitt.gov.pk/SiteImage/Misc/files/DIGITAL%20PAKISTAN%20POLICY.pdf...

What’s New in WordPress 5.3

Block Editor is refinedAdditional layout options and style variationsNew theme Twenty Twenty is bundled with this version update150 new features and usability improvements are addedTwo new blocks "Group" and "Columns" are addedAdditional style options for WordPress blocksAutomatic Image RotationSite Health CheckAdmin Email VerificationPHP 7.4 Compatibility...
What Are WordPress Blocks - An Introduction
What Are WordPress Blocks – An Introduction

WordPress blocks are a new way to create and organize content in WordPress editor (i.e. Gutenberg Block Editor or Block Editor) introduced in the version 5.0 of the WordPress. Now every element like paragraph, heading, quote, code etc. is a WordPress block with customization options which allows the user to have more control over the design and presentation of the content.

Multi Class Review Rating Classification using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
Review Rating Classification System Using Artificial Intelligence

Our research article titled “Multi Class Review Rating Classification Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks” was published in an international journal “Neural Processing Letters” on 15 October 2019. In this tutorial, we briefly discuss the objectives, short summary, key contributions, and main findings presented in the article.