Interview Questions for WordPress Developer

I have prepared a list of possible questions which are commonly asked or should be asked from a candidate applying for the position of a WordPress developer.

  1. What are WordPress plugins?
  2. What are WordPress themes?
  3. What are WordPress child themes?
  4. What is Gutenberg?
  5. How to choose a best WordPress plugin?
  6. Can you develop a WordPress plugin from scratch?
  7. Can you design a WordPress theme from scratch?
  8. Can you customize WordPress plugins developed using OOP concepts?
  9. What is the difference between OOP and Structural programming?
  10. What are hooks?
  11. Can you define a custom hook?
  12. What are actions?
  13. What are filters?
  14. What is the difference between actions and filters?
  15. How to extend the existing functionality of a WordPress plugin?
  16. How and where to register custom CSS/JS files with WordPress?
  17. How to make sure that the plugin you are developing, is secure?
  18. Can you give some example functions provided by WordPress to secure input fields?
  19. What do you know about _e() and __e() functions?
  20. How can we make a WordPress theme or plugin, multilingual compatible?
  21. Can you use CSS frameworks while designing custom WordPress theme?
  22. Can you use React inside a WordPress theme or plugin?
  23. Can you develop a custom Gutenberg block?
  24. What are widgets? Can you develop one from scratch?
  25. What are short-codes? Can you develop one from scratch?
  26. Should we echo or return data from the short-code?
  27. What do you know about ob_start(), ob_get_clean() functions?
  28. Which hook is used on plugin activation or deactivation?
  29. Should we use a custom database table to save our custom data or should we use post meta or other default tables provided by WordPress?
  30. Can you create a custom post type from scratch?
  31. How to create a custom archive page for custom post type?
  32. How to create a custom single post page for custom post type?
  33. Do you have experience working with WooCommerce plugin?
  34. How can we implement ajax calls in WordPress?
  35. Can you use WordPress REST API to display data on the front-end of the website?
  36. How can we expose a custom endpoint in WordPress REST API?
  37. There is “something” wrong in our website and we are seeing a death screen (white screen without any warnings or errors). How to start the debugging process?
  38. How can we enable log messages in WordPress?
  39. How can we use default jQuery provided by the WordPress?
  40. Which class is provided by WordPress to query database?

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