jQuery Plugin to Create Multi Column Blog Layout in Weebly Website

multi column blog layout in weebly website

​Supercharge your weebly blog with multi column blog layout plugin, which automatically converts your weebly blog into multi column blog layout. You will get 2 code files : one for 2 column blog layout and one for 3 column blog layout. Just copy the code inside Settings – SEO – Footer code and publish the website to see the results.

  • Convert your blog posts to 2 columns or 3 columns layout
  • Card style blog posts with background color, shadow color and border color
  • 100% responsive. Blog posts convert to 1 column (to cover full width) in mobile devices.

Implementation Steps:

  1. You will get a zip file containing code files and Read More text file.
  2. Copy the code from one of the text files (depending upon the layout you want i.e 2 columns or 3 columns blog layout).
  3. Inside Weebly editor, go into settings – SEO – Footer code and paste the code in it.
  4. Publish your website and visit the blog page to see the results.

Video Tutorial and Implementation Steps:

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6 thoughts on “jQuery Plugin to Create Multi Column Blog Layout in Weebly Website

    1. Yes for sure. Basically it converts the weebly blog posts to columns, no matter what the content is. Please note that the at blog index page weebly shows blog title, short summary of description and read more button. If there’s is no read more element added in blog post then complete blog post is show. So if any blog post have image before read more element then it will show at blog index page I.e in column. Also if there’s no read more element added in blog description then then also it will show in blog column. But if read more button is added in blog post description and the image is added below read more element then it will not show in blog column.

  1. If you send me the link to your blog page then I can show you the demo of how the blog posts will look like after using this plugin.

  2. Just paid and downloaded this feature, however, I can’t find where I can get the read more button. Right now all my blogs are fully posted and I want to create a cleaner look and have the read more button feature for each post, how so I do this?

    1. Please inbox me the transaction ID of your payment and send me the link to your website where you installed the plugin.

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