How To Convert Weebly Blog To Multi Column Layout - Weebly App
How To Convert Weebly Blog To Multi Column Layout – Weebly App

Weebly is a content management system (CMS) with drag and drop editor as its core selling feature. The drag and drop editor provide widgets for almost any type of content type (title, paragraph, image, video and many more). Weebly also provides the functionality to create a blog page with drag and drop enabled post editor. By default, the blog posts in Weebly are displayed on top of each other. In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert Weebly blog to multi column layout (2 columns or 3 columns) using a Weebly App (PRO) named as Post Columns.

Post Columns Weebly App

Post columns is a premium Weebly app which converts a Weebly blog into a multi column layout thus presenting more content in lesser space. As stated in the official app center page of the Post Columns Weebly app: “Supercharge your Weebly blog with Post Columns app, which gives a user the ability to convert Weebly blog posts to multi-column layout”.

Implementation Steps

  1. Visit the app’s official page in Weebly app center
  2. Click the Add button in right sidebar and select the website in which you want to install the app (male sure you are logged in to the Weebly account)
  3. After installing the app you will have a new drag and drop element named as Post Columns in left sidebar of Weebly editor
  4. Go into pages and select the Blog Page that you already have created
  5. Drag and drop the Post Columns element in blog sidebar
  6. Configure the settings the way you want
  7. Now publish your website and visit the blog page to see the results

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