What Is ngrok And How To Use It?

What is ngrok?

ngrok exposes the localhost web server to the internet via the specified port. ngrok is simply an amazing tool to streamline the development process without an actual hosting server and SSL.

ngrok allows you to expose a web server running on your local machine to the internet. Just tell ngrok what port your web server is listening on.


When To Use ngrok?

We can use ngrok when we want to test our development app on local machine i.e. without an actual hosting server and SSL. ngrok acts as a bridge between the web app and http requests to/from the web app.

How To Use ngrok?

  • Go to https://ngrok.com/download
  • Download the ngrok client
  • Create a new folder in any drive e.g D and name it as ngrok
  • Extract the downloaded ngrok client inside the D:/ngrok folder
  • Now open the command prompt and CD into that folder i.e. D:/ngrok
  • Now run the command ngrok http 3000
  • The ngrok is now listening at the port 3000 and forwarding the result to the generated live URL e.g. https://47c42770.ngrok.io

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