Ep. 010 – Exercise – Learn HTML and HTML5 – Free Course

In the previous post, we have learned the difference between the class and id attributes and why/when we use them. In this post, we will do an exercise utilizing the knowledge that we have already learned in the previous lessons.


You need to create an HTML page with:

  • a title as “My Portfolio” (use <title> tag)
  • A heading which states “My Online Portfolio” (use <h2> tag)
  • Four links i.e. Home, About, Blog, Contact using unordered list and anchor tags (use <ul>,<li>,<a> tags)
  • Show profile picture (use <img> tag)
  • Show your name below the profile picture (use <h4> tag)
  • Show tagline below the name (use <p> tag)
  • Display your four recent experiences using the heading i.e. “My Experience” and an unordered list <ul>
  • Display your four recent education degrees using the heading i.e. “My Education” and an unordered list <ul>
  • Display your four hobbies using the heading i.e. “My Hobbies” and an unordered list <ul>
  • Display your contact information using the heading i.e. “Contact Information” and an unordered list <ul>

Video Demo (Urdu Language)

Exercise – Learn HTML and HTML5

After completing the above exercise, you can host your code on GitHub or any other free hosting service and send us a link in the comments section below for a review/feedback.

Got Stuck? Any Questions?

In case of any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Thanks

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