Ep. 001 – Course Introduction – Learn WordPress in Urdu

Today, we are starting a new course titled “Learn WordPress in Urdu”. This blog post gives an overview of the course and provides information about the contents of the course. This course is prepared using the latest version of WordPress (5.8). Each lecture consists of a written blog post (like this) and a video hosted on Youtube and Facebook pages. The video from Youtube will be embedded in the blog posts as well.

Video Episode:

Episode #001 – Course Overview

Course Contents:

The course is mainly divided into three (3) modules i.e. WordPress Core, WordPress Theme Development, and WordPress Plugin Development. Following is a list of topics covered in each section:

  • WordPress Core (WordPress CMS features and Website Development using Core WordPress CMS)
    • Posts
    • Pages
    • Media
    • Comments
    • Themes
    • Widgets
    • Customizer
    • Theme Options
    • Plugins
    • Users
    • Tools
    • Settings
  • WordPress Theme Development (Developing custom themes from scratch)
    • Classic vs Block Themes
    • Required files for theme development
    • Styles and Functions
    • Template Pages and Custom Templates
    • Translations
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Theme Options Page
    • Global Styles and Them JSON file
  • WordPress Plugin Development (Developing custom plugins from scratch)
    • Required Files for Plugin Development
    • Plugin Meta Information
    • Plugin Admin Menu
    • Plugin Settings Page
    • Custom Post Type Registration
    • Custom Taxonomies Registration
    • Translations
    • Performance
    • Security

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