WordPress Performance Improvement Checklist

WordPress performance really matters because no one wants to visit a website that takes lots of loading time. A good loading time for a website is less than 2 minutes. In this tutorial we have presented a checklist for WordPress performance improvement.

  • Use a minimum number of plugins
  • Make sure the installed plugins and themes are updated
  • Make sure that the database tables are removed for the plugins which are uninstalled
  • Remove unused entries from the database tables like meta entries used by a plugin which is uninstalled
  • Remove unused options from the wp_options table which were added by the uninstalled plugins
  • If 60-80% of the wp_option entries are using autload = ‘no’ then it’s a good idea to create MySQL index for wp_options table “CREATE INDEX autoloadindex ON wp_options(autoload)” Read More
  • Make sure that your theme is not using unnecessary database calls
  • Install a cache plugin e.g wp-super-cache
  • Install optimizer plugin e.g Autoptimizer
  • The use of CDN can enhance the performance of the website for different regions of the world.
  • Optimize the images before using on the website

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